What is prostate cancer?

Prostate is a gland with two lobes that perform liquid prostatic. This liquid helps the movement of spermatozoids in the ejaculation. The size of the prostate gland is like an almond and this gland is located in the sides of the urethra (urethra is a pipe or line for urination functionality and realizes liquid prostatic and spermatozoids).

This gland is hormone receptor from hormones like testosterone. The main source of testosterone is the testicles. Also, glands like adrenals and hypophysis produce small amounts of testosterone.

Many factors such as genes, chemicals, viruses, and radiation help to promote cancer in the prostate. The main causes are viruses because they are responsible for altering, changing and translocating the DNA to spark the cancer cells to grow. Also, the amounts to testosterone levels promote prostate cancer to grow. This tumor starts affecting younger patients and gets more aggressive and moves very fast. This type of tumor is the most frequent tumor in men and is getting more aggressive as it shows up in younger men. Twenty years ago, this tumor was only frequent in old people but the environment changes, chemical exposures and genetics have made this tumor very lethal.

When this tumor gets into younger patients, the tumor is more aggressive and spreads faster to different organs. Why? The hormones cause the prostate cancer to grow with hormones like testosterone. This hormone comes from the testicles, adrenal, and hypophysis. Younger patients have too many hormones for the cancer cell to grow and when a man becomes older, the levels of hormones decline, and the tumor is less aggressive.

In the last 27 years, I have seen how this tumor is becoming harder to stop. We need to work smarter and make a very unique program for each individual to succeed. The use of immunotherapy (using your natural killer cells to destroy cancer) is the best weapon I’ve found to put prostate cancer in complete remission. In over two decades of treating patients, I’ve never had to do any castration or orchiectomy (cut the testicles) to diminish hormone production. This technique has

been offered to patients, but most patients don’t accept this, so doctors use hormone therapy to block the testosterone.

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