Stem cells

Stem cells are beneficial for people who are concerned about genetic predisposition of cancer. It is an ideal preventative treatment for those who have had genetic testing like BRACA 1 and 2 to prevent breast cancer. We are work with the recombinant stem cells and this is a very important technique for patients that have disease or gene mutation.

The need for DNA did you know that several degenerative diseases and chronic conditions can be reverses with stem cell therapy? It is the purpose of this booklet to teach you about therapies we have available right now. We can treat existing conditions of work in prevention and using this non-invasive approach we can also support youth and anti-aging at all levels not just cosmetic. It may be than stem cell treatments could be the answer you’ve been looking for if you have chronic disease or a recently discovered condition.

Stem cells for cancer treatment

Currently stem cells are being used for cancer treatments more and more for example in working with cancer’s like lymphoma and leukemia, the first goal is using stem cells is to overall rejuvenate and activate new cells, heal and make the organs vital functioning as well as to put life back into balanced homeostasis. We have the technique to produce cells specific for the organ that we need. We can produce cells for bones, brain heart, pancreas, liver, lungs, intestines and any organ of the human body.

Since chemotherapy aggressively destroy healthy cells; medical experts often use bone marrow transplant to build the new dells. The surface of the cells has receptors that either accept or reject the cells (HL! OrHL2).

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