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New Alternatives to Fight All Cancer Types

The Rubio Cancer Center has provided a variety of cancer treatment services for more than 30 years. It is one of the few hospitals in the South of California to be certified to manufacture and administer Cancer Vaccines and Adult Stem Cells for patients in advanced stages of many types of cancers, including:

We’ve also developed integrative treatment for different autoimmune diseases, such as:

A Full Range of Possibilities

We have a cutting edge approach to treatment for aggressive cancer and other autoimmune diseases. Thanks to our 3rd Level Laboratory we are able to develop unique therapies to reverse advance conditions. In addition, we set complementary treatments to help the body regain health.

Breaking the Cancer Code through Immunotherapy

Every disease is tackled with a 100% personalized therapy focused on detoxing and improving health condition. In particular, the Rubio Cancer Center is known for its advancement of one of cancer’s newest and most advanced forms of non-invasive treatment: Immunotherapy, which aims to achieve a balance between supporting the body’s immune system and using low doses of chemotherapy and radiation to eradicate cancer cells.

The body’s immune system is its main defense against the negative influence of proteins, antigens, bacteria, chemicals and cancerous cells. By supporting this system through a variety of detoxification, non-toxic medication, and custom vaccination therapies, the body is better equipped to fight off cancerous cells and send cancer into remission.

Our Integrative Therapies Include

Building Health through Complementary Treatments

We believe cancer should be approached with 50 percent attention to health care and 50 percent to self-care, such as diet, consistent detoxification protocols, supplements, exercise, reducing stress and rest. This self care lifestyle can help the body’s own immune system work at its highest capacity and, ideally, reverse the cancer and restore the patient to health.

Our Complementary Therapies Include

Frequently Asked Questions

At the Rubio Cancer Center, patients’ comfort and health are of utmost importance. Doctors, nurses, and staff at the facility work hard to ensure all patients are well cared for in a peaceful, reassuring environment. Find out more about becoming a new patient at the Rubio Cancer Center below.

Each patient’s case begins with a review, then a consultation is set up so that individualized treatment plans can be discussed, along with costs and the length of stay.

Medical records can be faxed or emailed in advance to be reviewed. Afterward, treatment options can be discussed over the phone.

Payment arrangements are made before a patient is admitted and patients submit payments for treatment on a weekly basis. When they arrive they pay up front for the first weeks treatment. This is true for both Cancer Patients and Stem Cell Patients.

The minimum is 4 weeks and then patients go home with a home care package. There is an additional cost for the home program.

Patients with advanced stage cancer are frequently treated successfully by Dr. Rubio. Since all our treatment is rebuilding health while destroying cancer we offer a comprehensive approach which is imperative with advanced stage cancer.

Since we are stimulating and educating the immune system to recognize and destroy cancer we have had healings in brain as well as pancreatic.

Regain Hope.

Regain Health.

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