How to Use Your Diet to Heal

Once a person has been diagnosed with cancer, the idea of eating healthy is no longer an option. In order for their body (a.k.a. life vehicle) to function and heal, the fuel now has to be premium, and the maintenance of the vehicle is daily. Never has diet been more important than when healing a condition like cancer. The foods and drinks we ingest give us energy and the tools we need for our cells to function efficiently and harmoniously. In today’s standard American diet (SAD) with heavily processed foods, the very substances designed to nourish us can cause our organs to malfunction and make us sick. For many years, food was ignored as a cancer-causing agent. Doctors know today that certain foods can be initiators for cancer and other illnesses. Our bodies are harmed by foods containing preservatives, antibiotics, and pesticides, to name a few. The many forms of sugar-from modified high-fructose corn syrup to pure cane syrup to brown rice syrup to agave nectar-all make foods tastier as they stimulate appetite and cancer cells. Because the standard American lifestyle is rush-rush-rush with little time to relax, many of us eat and chew our foods improperly, which means we absorb less of the nutrients available in what we consume. Cancer healing is a wake-up call to make changes in many of these areas.

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