Healing Cancer with Diet


Some of the dietary plans used to treat illness and cancer have been vegetarian, macrobiotic, alkaline, and fasting diets. We suggest that the best way to choose a diet is to know the patient’s genes and body. This will help the doctor to prescribe a revised and improved approach to a proper diet specific for the patient. The type of diet chosen is an important factor in fighting cancer because the type of nutrition the body receives can slow down or stop the growth of cancer cells. All metabolic reactions in the cells depend on the certain nutrient’s presence and water. By using the blood technique of matching patients’ types with diet, we help stop cancer cells from growing and transform them to normal cells. At many health centers and cancer centers, including ours, we use diets that are determined by blood type and don’t put additional stress on the patient’s body. Cancer patients are already under tremendous stress, and their diets should create harmony and not add challenges to their bodies. We have seen tremendous benefits and positive results by incorporating more plant-based, nutrient-dense, and whole-food-specialized diets into their treatment plans and lifestyles. There is a huge movement in the United States toward these healthier preservative-and sugar-free diets that open up a whole new lifestyle. One of the best companies leading the way is Whole Foods Market. The standard American diet has been omnivorous (i.e., we consume both animal and vegetable products). We actually do need to eat a wide variety of foods that contain proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids to keep our bodies functioning well. That is the purpose of nutrition! We also know that the fast-food society has taken a toll on most of us. Now, when patients need to heal, a dietary regimen for cancer patients should take into account the genetic constitution of the patient.

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