Causes of prostate cancer

a. Hormones

b. Chemical exposure

c. Genetics and viruses

d. Radiation exposures

e. Age f. Smoking


Prostate cancer is hormone dependent because this type of tumor needs the hormones to grow. The hormone testosterone is what simulates the prostate. Testosterone is the main hormone to make the prostate enlarge, change form also cause cancer. For many years in the medical field, doctors were only dealing with the testicles as the main source and promoters of testosterone, but they were not considering glands like the adrenal glands, hypothesis and fat issue.

Chemical exposure

For many years, we have known that chemicals are a big cause of prostate cancer. There are hundreds of chemicals on the planet that can initiate cancer cells like spray paint, asbestos, lead, mercury, insecticides, pesticides, colorants, preservatives, gasoline and diesel. We are in daily contact with large amounts of chemicals that are damaging our cells, changing them and promoting cancer cells. I can easily explain how these chemicals affect the cells using a piece of cake as an example.

Genetics and viruses

In my prostate cancer patients, I have found a translocation in the chromosome #3 ad changes in the gene #3. This aberration passes the genes in direct lines of families propelling prostate cancer.

Sometimes the gene expression can with for up to five generations or 50 years and the express again. For example, if my grandfather had prostate cancer, in the next five generations in his family line, they will have 99% chance that this generation of men will develop prostate cancer.

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