Causes of prostate cancer (part 2)

Radiation exposure

This is one of the main causes of radiation exposure. For over two decades I have been lecturing about the side effects of radiation from cell phones, wired and wireless devices, TV and microwaves. All of these apparatuses promote electrons. These electrons travel and affect the DNA, making changes and promoting prostate cancer to grow as well. For many years, there wa a big controversy about radiation. In actuality, we have confirmed the damage that radiation causes and how it can promote cancer.

At Rubio Cancer Center, I always suggest to my patients they protect themselves from radiation exposure. I train and use techniques using an instrument called an. EMF protector. This instrument is a shield that protects the cells and can reduce radiation by 65%. The EMF protector works by sending all radiation to the ground and rejecting radiation, not allowing 100%of the radiation to go to the cells. Since electrons from the environment are bombarding our cells, this is an excellent instrument to use to protect patients from radiation to inhibit the promotion of cancer cells.


Age plays a big role when patients develop prostate cancer. It is more aggressive and spreads easier in younger patients under 50 years old. The reason why this cancer is more aggressive in younger patients is because they have more hormones to simulate the prostate cancer. This make the treatments harder but we can stop the growth and cause complete remission. The tumor cells spread very wild and the cells can change in a month. As they get older, the tumor’s growth slows because there are less hormones.


I found a very important symptom in patients who smoke. Every time they inhale the smoke, they make the prostate muscle contract which wears the prostate out. Nicotine is also cancer promoter.

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