Dietary Changes during Chemotherapy Treatment

The Rubio Cancer Center has provided a variety of cancer treatment services for more than 30 years.

It is one of the few hospitals in the entire Country of Mexico to be certified to manufacture and administer Cancer Vaccines and Adult Stem Cells for Cancer Patients and those suffering from degenerative conditions. The founder and Medical Director Geronimo Rubio, Sr and Assisant Medical Director Geronimo Rubio Jr. have also received their Regnerative Medicine degrees from FIMBIR.

Immunotherapy is the new treatment that everyone is talking about for Lung Cancer. New medicines have been approved by the FDA for these cancer vaccines. Patients who have been through traditional treatment are delighted for these new vaccines as a ray of hope to reverse cancer.

At Rubio Cancer Center, Immunotherapy has been the signature treatment for 30 years with all types of cancer combined with low dosages of chemotherapy and radiation.Cancer therapies and treatments take a number of forms, all of which must be supplemented with important lifestyle changes to maximize effectiveness. Using Detoxification protocols to get rid of dead cancer cells as well as toxins has been another significant component for Dr. Rubio’s treatment. Along with cancer vaccines we encourage dietary changes for all patients who receive chemotherapy treatments or other forms of radiation therapy, as the radiation used to eradicate cancer need te supplemented with health building protocols.

To maintain the strength and quality of health necessary to continue radiation treatments, a person must replenish damaged proteins while simultaneously flushing out the old cells. Fruit and vegetables, dairy alternatives, and whole grains are just a few staples of a well-rounded chemotherapy diet. Individuals should also focus on foods that are high in protein, such as chicken and salmon. Dietary supplements, particularly omega-3 fatty acid supplements, can further strengthen the body. Patients should discuss dietary regimens, including supplements, with their medical care providers prior to beginning a chemotherapy program.