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Causes of prostate cancer (part 2)

Radiation exposure This is one of the main causes of radiation exposure. For over two decades I have been lecturing about the side effects of ...
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Causes of prostate cancer

a. Hormones b. Chemical exposure c. Genetics and viruses d. Radiation exposures e. Age f. Smoking Hormones Prostate cancer is hormone dependent because this type ...
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What is prostate cancer?

Prostate is a gland with two lobes that perform liquid prostatic. This liquid helps the movement of spermatozoids in the ejaculation. The size of the ...
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Repair is the FUTURE of medicine

With the advantage of the stem cells as we discussed, we are now delighted to be able to offer this new future of medicine, called ...
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Protocol and procedure for creating adult stem cells

1) We use peripheral blood cells, bone marrow biopsy and fat tissue To collect and harvest the stem cells we use different techniques. First, we ...
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Stem cells

Stem cells are beneficial for people who are concerned about genetic predisposition of cancer. It is an ideal preventative treatment for those who have had ...
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Starving the Cancer and Feeding the Body

Taking the blood type into account, a cancer diet is specifically formulated to provide nutrition to the body and its functions while denying nutrition to ...
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How to Use Your Diet to Heal

Once a person has been diagnosed with cancer, the idea of eating healthy is no longer an option. In order for their body (a.k.a. life ...
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Healing Cancer with Diet

Some of the dietary plans used to treat illness and cancer have been vegetarian, macrobiotic, alkaline, and fasting diets. We suggest that the best way ...
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