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A Complete Approach to Cancer Treatment

Rubio Cancer Center is a Southern California based, full-service integrative cancer and regenerative medicine hospital. For over thirty years we have treated patients who suffer from a wide variety of cancers, including leukemia, breast, prostate, throat, brain and lung cancer.

Reversing Cancer Through Integrative Therapies

Founded by Dr. Geronimo Rubio. at RCC we believe in connecting patients to the newest treatments that increase chance of remission while minimizing adverse effects.

Exceptional Care and Attention

With ten inpatients suites, a courtyard, and a community room, the Rubio Cancer Center was designed as a place for cancer patients to receive treatment in a warm, inviting and compassionate setting, it is a unique hospital that prides itself on putting its patient’s care above all else.

A Full Range of Alternatives

We have a cutting edge approach to treatment for advanced cancer and other autoimmune diseases. Click the button below to know more about the illnesses we’ll help you control, the therapy programs we offer, and other FAQ’s.

Integrative Cancer Treatment Blog

Starving the Cancer and Feeding the Body

Taking the blood type into account, a cancer diet is specifically formulated to provide nutrition to the body and its functions while denying nutrition to ...
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How to Use Your Diet to Heal

Once a person has been diagnosed with cancer, the idea of eating healthy is no longer an option. In order for their body (a.k.a. life ...
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Healing Cancer with Diet

Some of the dietary plans used to treat illness and cancer have been vegetarian, macrobiotic, alkaline, and fasting diets. We suggest that the best way ...
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